Mobrey Dual Water Level Controller

We are IBR approved manufacturers of Mobrey Dual Water Level Controller. These controllers are used on modern day boilers for maintaining the proper water level and to avoid any accident or mishap happening to the boiler due to improper or adversely low water level. 

The Mobrey Dual Water Level Controller is designed to meet all requirements for automatic on/off control of boiler feed pump, burner cut-out or lock-out in case of low water level. The controller consists of a float, magnetic switches, chamber etc. with connecting flanges. The level controllers are manufactured for steam pressure up to 24.6 kg/cm2 (g) or higher as per the client’s requirement under IBR and designed for operation in a range of 150mm.

We also manufacture the level controllers with various combinations with side and side entry, side and bottom entry and with various center distances with BS 10 Table H flanges or as per requirement. The level controller is designed on the principle of magnetic repulsion. A primary permanent magnet attached to the float rod slides vertically inside a non-magnetic stainless-steel center tube and transmits the movement of the float to a secondary magnet in each switch unit which is mounted on the top console.

Mobrey Dual Water Level Controller, is an automatic water level controller that helps to maintain the overall safety of the boiler.